What is EntrepreNerds?

EntrepreNerds™ is a community of entrepreneurial individuals that are dedicated lifelong learners. We strive to deepen our knowledge and skills, by reading, experimenting and connecting with others.

To that end, we enjoy titillating discourse and quality conversations.  Most importantly, we find this fun!  Check out an EntrepreNerds™ book discussion or Mastermind Group and get inspired.


EntrepreNerds Between the Sheets

Talking Nerdy with Authors, Entrepreneurs and Innovators


Book Discussions

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This simple yet profound and engaging learning program helps entrepreneurs connect with valuable tools, useful resources and relevant knowledge in a supportive community that helps them to succeed.

We currently serve Entrepreneurial Professionals in Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

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Mastermind Groups

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EntrepreNerds™ Mastermind groups provide an opportunity for lifelong learners and entrepreneurial  professionals to enjoy quality conversations with colleagues that are dedicated to helping each other succeed. —  Learn More


What Participant’s are Saying:

“EntrepreNerds! I call it my business book club…Being an entrepreneur had never crossed my mind, but with the great books to read, the discussions, and most importantly the gentle nudges to set goals and follow through, I have become a real business. Recently I doubled my clients based on acting on one of my goals.”
– Sheila Balloffet, Waverly Road Farm, Fort Collins


“EntrepreNerds provides the incentive to read the book, and then we have great discussions. It is wonderful to hear other people’s business experiences and take away ideas for my own…This is the piece I like the best about EntrepreNerds – I actually have a plan coming out of the meeting to incorporate the great ideas from any one book we have read.”
– Kim Nelson, Kimball Nelson Photography


“Within minutes of beginning, we were having a mind-expanding discussion about aha moments in business and new strategies to consider that were gleaned from our readings. With a range of business backgrounds…the insights covered many perspectives. Best of all, rather than kicking myself for not reading a hefty stack of business-improvement books, I felt pleased that I’d found a way to read just one, yet get the benefit of five. Eureka!”

- Katy Piotrowski, Career Solutions Group


“Participating in the discussions inspires me to implement recommendations that have improved my productivity and effectiveness at work.”

- Becca Walkinshaw, GSI


“EntrepreNerds is well worth the time, I recommend the group to anyone interested in introspection and professional enrichment.”

- Jolie Hogencamp, Loveland Public Library

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